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rp_advice's Journal

Roleplaying Advice
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A community sort of related to bad_rpers_suck, this is where you can post such lovely questions as to what to do in certain situations, avoiding cliches, and even "am I a bad RPer, and what can I do to improve?"

Any sort of RP can be asked about here, be it tabletop, PBeM, messageboard, or MMORPG. This is generally for advice and help with things, so don't be afraid to ask. ^^


1. None of us are perfect- This is a question for improving. I am your mod, and I started this partly because I do need advice. If I see anyone mocking people for asking questions or for not being "good", I'm going to warn you and then ban your ass. This is not bad_rpers_suck, as wonderful a community as that is. If they're posting here, they want to improve, and that is a sign of a good RPer.

2. Do not plug your game here. If it fits, I don't mind a link in the post, but don't post plugging your game. That will be deleted quite quickly.

3. Put adult situations behind cuts and with a clear warning, at least- I for one am a minor, and although I know all about the birds and the bees, let's avoid any issues. "Cut for sexual scenarios" is warning enough.

Flamewars will be dealt with on a case-by-case scenario. If you post here, please do not make it a dig at people- this is NOT a venting-place.

Also, this community is not for posts on details such as "what would people sleep on in feudal Japan?" Those may be important to you improving your RPing, but as they are not directly RP-related, they should probably go in little_details.